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Highlights of Day 24

Today, we were very excited to be reaching Cruz de Ferro, a true landmark of the Camino. We timed our arrival to coincide with the sunrise – and what an incredible experience it was. People bring stones and other bits and bobs (including photos of loved ones) from all over the world to add to the pile at the cross. You can read more about the story behind it somewhere else – Dave from Dublin told us it’s something about tipping the scales in your favour when sins are being weighed up on judgement day. Would’ve been good to know that before I chose my small stone from Bobbin Head (scene of so many of my favourite childhood picnics) in Sydney.
My stone carried the fingerprints and wishes of my Mom and my Dad and me, as we picked it together before I came away – it was pretty emotional being at that special place at dawn, thinking of my special peeps. Awesome.
A beautiful day of walking followed our special morning – stunning mountain scenes as we climbed, then lots of challenging rocky downhill runs.
And now we’re in the municipal albergue in Ponferrada – a great big place where you pay by donation, rather than a fixed rate, and we have our own room of four again. We had a HUGE late lunch at a nearby restaurant – cured ham, seafood pasta salad and pork chop things that made Andy nostalgic for Bavarian food. And tortilla & ratatouille for Chris. And lots of delicious chunky baked potato pieces for me.
I finish my meds tomorrow and my leg seems fine with painkillers, so all set for the last 200km into Santiago!






Oh, and today’s other sparks – a man with a spaghetti scarf (advertising pasta at a cafe) and churros-in-a-can at the local supermarket!




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