About Cate

I live in Sydney, Australia and write about the stuff I see, which you might not. Basically, I look for those everyday sparks – whether they’re funny, silly, weird, nice, scary or quirky – and share them here.

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10 thoughts on “About Cate

    1. Haha, no problem – thanks for following! And clearly we’re on the same wavelength, ex-HR lady…maybe a joint blog opportunity, revealing some of the secrets behind the HR curtain? Or even a resource: What the HR Lady really means when she says…There’s at least one book in that, for sure! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Wai-Yuk, you’ve made my day! My week, even! So glad to hear that EverydaySparks gave you some smiles – exactly what it’s all about. And I love your blog – Fabric, Food and all things Fun captures a lot of what is important to me too. And now I have a craving for fried dumplings – they look delicious. Thanks so much for your lovely comment – much appreciated!

  1. Love your work Cath, great site, wacky an interesting topics, and loads of weird stuff i now want to buy, i love it. Ross

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