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Day 23 – the barnyard albergue

on September 12, 2013

Refreshed and raring to go after our rest day, we set off at around 6.30am and made our way out of Astorga. As the sun rose, we were so glad to see that the landscape had returned to the beauty of earlier Camino days. After the tedious ugly roadside vistas of the past few days, it was nice to see some greenery and mountains instead of endless plains of nothing.
There was a bit of a climb today, but a gradual incline, so it wasn’t too tough. The book suggested stopping in Rabanal del Camino, but we had walked that 21km distance by 11.30am and were all feeling good, so continued on to Foncebadon. Our Chris from Texas is a vegetarian, which is largely seen as a crazy idea in rural Spain, where tuna is seemingly considered a vegetable, appropriate for vegetarians. Anyways, Chris has been pretty much existing on eggs & potatoes for his main meals and the book said an albergue here had a vegetarian menu, so we decided to stay.
The book didn’t quite cover it – a vegetarian menu, yes, plus a farmyard of free range animals out the back and a yoga studio (think a big old shed) with lots of mattresses on the floor and lots of flies. We have a gate outside the studio to keep the dogs, chickens, goats and rabbits out. But nothing can stop the sound of the crazy rooster, who has been crowing regularly since we arrived this afternoon, poor dear. Another Camino adventure!









6 responses to “Day 23 – the barnyard albergue

  1. I thought tuna was, like, the chicken of the sea? That’s what Jessica Simpson said, anyway. Now you’re telling me it’s a vegetable. I’m confused…

    • Cate says:

      If you think you’re confused, you should see the Spanish waiters! ‘No meat, it’s fine for you – all vegetables…huh? You can’t eat fish? Oh, wait a minute then…Ummm…can you eat eggs? And potatoes?’ And so it goes!

  2. jimmii says:

    A Texan Vegetarian?! Next you’ll be saying you’ve met an Irish teetotaller….Can we visit him for South by Southwest next year?! Hope the shin is less painful and the bites less angry. xoxo

    • Cate says:

      Thanks man – all good now, bless that Ibuprofen (or ‘Camino candy’ as it’s also known – the pharmacies here have Compeed, bug spray & sunscreen as their window displays and ibuprofen is a big seller)! Thanks again for your long distance support xo

  3. Noela K says:

    Looks like the bunny knew of the vegetarian aspirations! And the broken down(?) truck car…has to be a genuine farm..there is always a dilapidated vehicle just some distance from a shed!
    Keep smiling…

    • Cate says:

      Yes, it was kinda like a crazy Noah’s ark – as we watched the rabbits, two horses walked past, then a donkey…and lots of chickens (which was on the menu too, disturbingly)!

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