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Mad Monday

on October 22, 2012

Today was a strange day in Sydney. It started out all grey and cold and rainy, but then the clouds cleared and out came the summer-strength sun. Crazy.

Most Mondays, I pick up some of my nieces from school – we pal around, have a nice afternoon tea, talk about our day, do homework (theirs, not mine) and help to make the family’s dinner. It’s one of the highlights of my week and I’m super lucky to have this time with them – while they’re still young enough to think that I’m relatively cool.

Anyways, these last few Mondays we’ve been on a mission. 7-Eleven is having a 13 week Slurpee promotion leading into summer. We’ve taken this as a 13 week challenge – there’s a different flavour of Slurpee each week. We missed the first week (Sour Watermelon) and last week, the machine was busted (Strawberry Citron, so nobody was too upset) and today was Vanilla Cola. Good times. I asked the man if he could let us in on the secret of next week’s flavour, but he said that he’d have to look it up on the system…and then turned away and smiled vaguely into the middle distance…

The Slurpee Barista

Even a cold, rainy day doesn’t stop us. Just pull your school jumper sleeves into Slurpee holders.

Afternoon tea. All natural colours and flavours…

‘Til next week, Slurpee fans…

3 down, 10 to go…

2 responses to “Mad Monday

  1. You know how to live it up Aunty Sparks. I would have loved you to be my aunt!…. infact what time is it on a Monday 🙂

    • Cate says:

      Ha, thanks BCD – you’re more than welcome to join us! When the girls were going to bed tonight, they said, “Goodnight & thanks for the Slurpees and donuts and cupcakes”…when you put it all together like that, it sounds pretty bad, so I asked them to just call it ‘afternoon tea’… 😉

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