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Countdown to Halloween

on October 23, 2012

Halloween is next week. It was never a thing when I was growing up in Sydney, but now it definitely is becoming a big thing here. You can tell because the $2 shops are full of pumpkin-shaped buckets, wizard dress-up kits, bags of spiders and webs – and the price of the humble straw broom has tripled. Last year, I went trick-or-treating with some of my nieces, in the streets around their neighbourhood. It was a great community set up and people really got into it – of course, I was there just for supervisory purposes and to enforce good manners…but I did manage to sneak a jelly rat and a sugared skull or two into my pocket. Some of the residents were delighted to come out and meet the kids and admire their costumes – others must have felt compelled to join in, as they just left buckets of lollies at the very perimeter of their property, presumably so they could barricade themselves inside and not be interrupted by the neighbourhood goblins.

I’m not sure if we’re going again this year, but I really feel like I should make up for the lifetime of trick-or-treating that I’ve missed. I need to find a costume though – the danger of turning up without one is that the kids will say, “Oh, you came as a witch – good one”. And it would take a lot of sugary treats to get over that…

Jack the pumpkin (2011)

Milly the dog wasn’t keen on wearing her costume.

A monster arrived straight from tae kwon do (hence the outfit and un-monsterlike shoulder bag).

Witches and devils on the hunt. For lollies, not souls.

Some neighbours went to a huge effort. At least, I don’t think these guys are here all year.

Happy Halloween, one and all. And please feel free to share any pics or tales of your Halloween festivities!

5 responses to “Countdown to Halloween

  1. Sparks – it surprises me not one smidge that you like to play dress ups and go trick or treating… maybe you could incorporate the pinkies into some sparkly, pink fairy number?

  2. Meg says:

    Yes …. Who is that Halloween Ninja?

    • Cate says:

      Ha, will miss him this year! They should be grateful I didn’t post the video of the Lady Gaga impersonation, complete with long blonde wig! Tell them Witchy says hi. xo

      • Meg says:

        Yes – I was going to be smart and say you wouldn’t need to buy a mask , but that would be so child like. Please send incriminating video. Would love to see.
        Have fun Trick or Treating.

  3. Have my Halloween basket at the ready….. full of goodies!

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