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Pet Confessions

Do you sometimes wonder what your little dog and cat friends are thinking? Well, Christopher Rozzi can tell you. Mr Rozzi is an artist, a writer, and comedian living in NYC. And his tiny confessions range combines comedy with art. He asks dogs, cats and even monsters and robots the big questions and paints their answers…

Confession of a French Bulldog
[Christopher Rozzi]
Confession of a Cat
[Christopher Rozzi]
Confession of a Wolfman
[Christopher Rozzi]
Confession of a German Shepherd
[Christopher Rozzi]
Confession of a Labrador
[Christopher Rozzi]
And even…

Confession of Darth Vader
[Christopher Rozzi]
These are just a sample of the very funny tiny confessions range, which you can check out on etsy.


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5 thoughts on “Pet Confessions

  1. They are great and, in my opinion, very acurate. I am someone who finds it very difficult to confess to some of the thoughts I have about people, actions, things….. but now, I am going to steal this idea and leave nice drawings of myself with my true thoughts/feelings written as comical little notes, I am sure no one could take offence 🙂

    1. Ah yes, Edwina – it does seem like a good idea, but I think there’s a time and place for your confessional post-its…be careful at work, at home, with loved ones – might be best to stick with strangers on public transport… 🙂

  2. I can think of someone that the first one would relate to in relation to snoring…. although they probably would not be too worried about being seen as less lady like! These are very cute 🙂

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