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Some Sydney Sunshine (and a turkey)

Looking back to Manly Beach [EverydaySparks]
Today was a lovely day in Sydney – sunny and pretty warm for the middle of winter. The clouds were hanging around but not really getting in the way of the sun. This is probably my favourite kind of weather – and it’s even better if you are lucky enough to spend time out and about soaking up the sunshine, as I was today. So, for something different for this blog, here’s my morning in  words and pictures.

Winter sun at Manly [EverydaySparks]
First, I met my lovely friend Stef at Manly beach for coffee. We went to a cosy cafe next door to the legendary Adriano Zumbo Patisserie. It’s closed on Mondays, by the way – so it’s the safest day to be in the neighbourhood if you can’t resist the famous ‘Zumbarons’ (a range of very interesting macaron flavours) or other amazing cakes. If you’re not familiar with this Sydney icon, you can check out the website here. (I especially like Mr Zumbo because he has a Willy Wonka tattoo on his arm. Uh huh.)

Ocean pool, Manly [EverydaySparks]
On the rocks [EverydaySparks]
We went for a walk around the ocean path, which was full of mums pushing their babies in sporty looking prams – what a great way to exercise, chatting to your mates while you power walk around the beach on a sunny day, pushing around 15kg (of pram and baby).

We weren’t power walking though – just normal walking – and it was such a nice day that I couldn’t resist some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on the way back. They had no customers, so really it was more about lending my support to the struggling retail sector. And charity never tasted so delicious.

Brush Turkey taking the high road [EverydaySparks]
Shortly after I arrived home, I went out for a walk/run (I’d be lying if I said I ran the whole way) in my new hot pink shoes that make me go faster. As I was running around the bush path to Mosman Bay, I noticed something on the path ahead. For a minute, I worried that I was hallucinating (maybe due to my pre-run ice cream). Then this brush turkey jumped out of the way and scurried into the bushes.

On the road again [EverydaySparks]
I’m sure I wasn’t running that fast – maybe it was the shoes that put him off. Whatever, he politely jumped up from the path, through the bushes and back down on to the path behind me. And then went on his way to do whatever it is that a brush turkey does with his day.

And that was my Monday morning.


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6 thoughts on “Some Sydney Sunshine (and a turkey)

  1. I am living vicariously through you – coffee AND ice cream. SO jealous (says the girl on the dairy free jaunt).

    I am absolutely positive that your hot pink runners will make you run faster. Run, Sparks, Run!!!

    1. Ha, thanks! The turkey was a good excuse to have a little rest while I took a photo – hope he’s there again tomorrow! 😉

  2. How jealous am I stuck indoors all day and as soon as I get out it chucks it down with rain! Ps I am very intrigued by the hot pink runners I think they could be worthy of a blog post all by themselves!

    1. Sorry, BCD – think I jinxed the day as it pretty much started raining as soon as I posted the story of sunshine – eeek! 🙂

  3. Are you sure your sighting wasn’t a lyre bird? And if indeed it was a turkey, I have a mate for it – plastic but very life like.

    1. Hahahaha, definitely a turkey…and we still have time for Christmas in July – let me know if you want me to try and catch one! 🙂

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