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Way to play, crochet

on July 25, 2012

Frame magazine recently featured some amazing playground designs by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi-McAdam. What’s so special about them? Oh, just that they’re made of crocheted yarn. Uh huh. Like giant brightly coloured spider webs that you can climb on and swing from.

Apparently Toshiko first came up with the crocheted playground idea back in the 1990s: ‘she was installing a piece made of crocheted yarn, when children asked if they could use it as a hammock’. Nothing like a live experiment to test the strength of the yarn – and it seems that the piece was actually stronger than expected.

Since then, Toshiko has turned her focus to creating public playgrounds and founded a company with her husband, ‘aimed at developing the concept of the play structure’.

The whole point of their work is ‘public art for kids’ – to design an artful experience that responds to the joyful engagement of children. Love it. For more info and pics of this fantastic idea, you can check out the Frame mag feature here.

9 responses to “Way to play, crochet

  1. Now you’re just taunting me with more fab’ examples of crochet when I can only make a teensy cod-piece…

  2. I love crochet! I can only really make cthulu’s because I have yet to learn how to read the patterns (the person who taught me taight me by copying them) but I think I definitey need to learn how in light of this. Crochet hammocks? AMAZING!

  3. Crochet says:

    Totally original!!!!

  4. What a great idea…. and how fun does that swing ball thing look!

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