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The Pancake Man

This post was made possible by our EverydaySparks correspondent in Dublin (aka my Irish sista Aoife), who somehow stumbled across this site and thought I might like it. And I do. A great find, thanks AB!

The site in question is Jim’s Pancakes and I was pretty impressed by the home page header alone, where Jim has taken word art to a whole new level and made his site name out of little pancakes. Then there’s the understated tag line: ‘just trying to make some cool pancakes for my daughter’. And that’s what he did…

Jim made Star Wars pancakes:


Jim made a romantic gift box pancake stack for his wife:

pancakegiftJim made candy cane pancakes for Christmas:


Jim made a burger and fries pancake extravaganza:


And probably my favourite. Jim’s bling pancakes – a whole chain of pancakes worthy of any sweet rhymin’ rapper.

PancakeBlingYou can check out Jim’s Pancakes here and if you’re feeling particularly inspired, Jim has a book for sale, with a very exciting title: OMG PANCAKES!


Calm down, breakfast

I love breakfast. I think it’s partly genetic – my mum can be slightly obsessive about breakfast cereals and is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest. It would not be uncommon for my mum to spend some time talking about the breakfasts after they’ve been away on holidays. (Very nice muesli in New Zealand, apparently, and Grape Nuts from the USA are favourites.)

Anyways, this morning as I had my breakfast, I was a bit overwhelmed by the product promises. Who knew that a simple granola and yoghurt breakfast could be so, like, totally awesome? It’s all a bit much before I’ve even had coffee…(The granola is actually fantastic, by the way – it does almost live up to the hype.)

Not just granola, it's granOHLAAH. And, yes, I have started backflipping like that on the way to the bus stop most mornings.

Not just granola, it’s granOHLAAH. And, yes, I have started backflipping like that on the way to the bus stop most mornings.

Like, totally!

Like, totally!

Even the fibre is fabulous.

Even the fibre is fabulous.

I can't confirm that (a) this yoghurt is actually made with love or (b) it has the world's best taste. Pretty sure it's organic though.

I can’t confirm that (a) this yoghurt is actually made with love or (b) it has the world’s best taste. Pretty sure it is organic though.


A thousand words

Being a pretty conservative sort of lass, I don’t have any tattoos. Although since tattoos seem to be so popular these days, it’s kinda like they’ve become the new normal – so, really, I’m a rebel for NOT having a tattoo. Yes, really. I’m not sure when tattoos made the shift to becoming more common, but now it’s getting tougher to find a cleanskin – you know, one that’s not featuring a Chinese character, inspirational word, Celtic symbol or Maori sleeve. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against tattoos. The fact that I don’t have one is more to do with an aversion to pain and no clue about what I’d want to be branded with for life. I often admire them on others, yet sometimes, you see tattoos that definitely belong in the But, why? file…

According to the Geeky Tattoos website, these feet belong to Alicia, a lady who posted the image on Flickr and said that she chose to have good and evil cupcakes tattooed on her feet to remind her to stay young at heart and to symbolize the balance of good and evil within herself, but adds “and I have a thing for cupcakes”. Yes, so did I.

And from the same website, here is Ashley’s leg. With a tattoo of a Nintendo 64 gaming controller. I am not a gamer, so I can’t really understand this one either. Maybe this controller is more than just a piece of plastic with coloured buttons that you press to make a character on a tv screen jump or run or whatever?

We all know it’s important to get plenty of vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables. But I’m not sure about this tattoo of a bunch of asparagus – I don’t think those vitamins count. Though it’s certainly more interesting than a bunch of roses or daffodils.

Continuing on the food theme, here’s a hot breakfast. On someone’s arm. I love breakfast as much as anyone, but I’m not sure why you would want a picture of it on your arm. Unless that bacon made a smile under those eggy eyes. Then I would understand.

Anyways, if you would like to see more, the first two pics are from Geeky Tattoos and the foodie tattoos are from OC Weekly. And, of course, EverydaySparks takes no responsibility for any action you may take as a result of this inspirational post… What would you get?