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Day 19 on the Camino

Day 19 saw us walk about 24km through to the bustling city of Leon. It was hard going, mostly flat and boring scenery as we walked alongside busy roads. Leaving Reliegos, we passed the statues of the Weary Pilgrims. We felt their pain, I tell you.
It was nice to see some of our Camino mates again in Leon – Shane is here, Maria from Hungary (fortunately feeling much better now), plus the fabulous Bev and Nicole from Queensland. It’s amazing how excited we all get to see familiar faces – greeting these 2 week old friends as if they’re family. It’s lovely.
We girls decided to stay in a smaller albergue with private rooms in Leon, mostly so that I could finally get a good sleep, without worrying about bugs! It’s actually university quarters, so I am in a dorm room. It’s not as cool as what I’ve seen in movies (and there are no sororities to join), but it is nice to have some private space to recover a bit. And they have very funky wallpaper in the foyer (close-up pic below).









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One thought on “Day 19 on the Camino

  1. I hope you are feeling better Cath. It sounds like an incredible experience (bugs and all). I love reading about the friendships you have made and the support you all give each other. Oh the stories you will have for me! Lots of love Stef x

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