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He’s baaaack – another StockPhoto Man sighting

on June 11, 2013

Today’s post comes to you with huge thanks to my old school friend, C, who heard the call of the hunt for StockPhoto Man via Facebook and delivered this gem. She came across this website pic in the course of her work and promptly referred the sighting to StockPhoto Man HQ so that we could add it to our files.

It seems that StockPhoto Man is promoting the relationship counselling service of a psychology practice – not sure if that means that he and his fake lady friend are having problems and may not even go on their fake Camino pilgrimage, or if their fake partnership is much improved after their visit to the (presumably real) counsellor. Just another day in the intriguing fake life of StockPhoto Man…keep searching, friends…


One response to “He’s baaaack – another StockPhoto Man sighting

  1. Amazing. He gets around…

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