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He’s baaaack – another StockPhoto Man sighting

Today’s post comes to you with huge thanks to my old school friend, C, who heard the call of the hunt for StockPhoto Man via Facebook and delivered this gem. She came across this website pic in the course of her work and promptly referred the sighting to StockPhoto Man HQ so that we could add it to our files.

It seems that StockPhoto Man is promoting the relationship counselling service of a psychology practice – not sure if that means that he and his fake lady friend are having problems and may not even go on their fake Camino pilgrimage, or if their fake partnership is much improved after their visit to the (presumably real) counsellor. Just another day in the intriguing fake life of StockPhoto Man…keep searching, friends…


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StockPhoto Man – Another Sighting

You may recall my recent post whereby I exposed the fraud that is StockPhoto Man – the guy promoting everything from superannuation to corporate reports to THE CAMINO. Well, my eagle-eyed friend Steph (aka ‘Color Run Steph’ or ‘Camino Steph’ as she’s known in my family) has discovered our old mate StockPhoto Man promoting diversity & inclusion on a corporate training site. The image was attached to an email from Steph with the intriguing subject: Stock photo man speaks up about unlawful behaviour… I have edited the image to protect the organisation and to highlight StockPhoto Man, just in case you couldn’t identify him amongst all of the other diversity-friendly work colleagues…

I am inspired – the hunt is on and I’m asking for your help. Please keep your eyes wide open and email me any pics you find of StockPhoto Man doing his thing. I would like to put together a CV of sorts for him – a tribute to his many guises. So far, we have Camino Trekker and Corporate Colleague (endorsing lawful behaviour)…but I think the sky is the limit for our StockPhoto Man…who knows where will he turn up next?

We see you, StockPhoto Man.
We see you, StockPhoto Man.