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The best chocolate product in the whole wide world

According to the good people at Haigh’s Chocolates here in Australia, it’s ‘Marshmallow & Coconut Season‘ from April to October. And that is indeed great news. I know they’re telling the truth about the limited season as I once went into their shop in Sydney looking for their rocky road (the subject of this blog & my vote for the best chocolate product in the whole wide world) and the young lady behind the counter looked at me as if I was a poor simple visiting from another planet. Very slowly, she explained: “Ummm…we don’t actually sell rocky road now, it’s just too hot for marshmallow’.

Compliments of the season. [image from]
Compliments of the season.
[image from]
I can’t believe I had lived ’til that point without knowing about marshmallow season. But now I do and, from April to October, I do like to celebrate the season from time to time with Haigh’s milk chocolate rocky road (they also have dark chocolate, if you’re so inclined). I bought some yesterday – my first for the season, I swear – and was reminded again of just how awesome it is.

Haigh’s is a bit of an Australian institution for chocolate. According to their website, they are ‘the oldest family-owned chocolate manufacturing retailer in Australia’. Sure, that’s a pretty narrow niche, but I love that there are still Haighs running the show and churning out their amazing chocolate. They only came to Sydney relatively recently – when I was a wee graduate working at a major bank, it was a treat when one of the big wigs in our area went to Adelaide or Melbourne as he’d bring back Haigh’s chocolate frogs. Good times.

'Tis the REAL season to be jolly, I tell you. [image from]
‘Tis the REAL season to be jolly, I tell you.
[image from]
Anyways, if you are in Australia during Coconut & Marshmallow Season and you haven’t tried Haigh’s rocky road, I reckon you definitely should. You have until the end of October, peeps. Enjoy! (You can also have a calorie-free look at their website here if you’re from another land…or if you’re in Australia, but you don’t like delicious chocolate.)


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3 thoughts on “The best chocolate product in the whole wide world

  1. Sparks – coming at you from the Air NZ lounge. I love Haigh’s. it has to be dark chocolate at our place, but I shall have to wait a week. Too busy acquiring Joanna Campbell cuffs for a certain blog buddy…

    1. Haha, enjoy your trip (while I enjoy my rocky road – we’re both winners!) & say hi to those Joanna Campbell cuffs for me. So many great things on that Gallery’s website, am sure it’s even better in person! Look forward to the update post when you get back 🙂

  2. Haighs is possibly the best, I could seriously die from chocolate overload from that shop, I pass the big store in QVB a couple of times a week so I may have to investigate, although that is always a dangerous journey for me as I always come out with far more than I went in for! 🙂

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