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Pictures of the week

A lazy post on a sunny Friday – here are three pics of things that made me confused / creeped out / happy this week…

Firstly, the promo posters for the musical Legally Blonde at The Star casino here in Sydney. (For the record, I visited the casino with my friend B, not to gamble but to eat macarons and gelato.) I am really not sure of the tag line: Makes you feel how you want to feel! Huh? I’m not sure if that’s a line that I’ve forgotten from the movie, or if it’s being issued like an order from the kinda cranky looking, arms-folded Cameron Daddo. How does he know how I want to feel, anyway? And who is Erika Heynatz’ underdressed character? So many questions left unanswered, but not enough to entice me to buy a ticket.

Say what?
Say what?

Then to the kinda creepy swing set that appears to be watching me from its monkey bar glasses. They look to belong to some disapproving lady (or an owl) and they make me sit up straighter, speak more politely and watch my Ps and Qs, that’s for sure.

Here's looking at you...
Here’s looking at you…

And on to one of my favourite desserts. It’s a Jell-O product from the USA – the pale green powder magically produces bright green pistachio pudding, complete with pieces of pistachio nuts that I swear weren’t there in the packet of powder. It’s like a miracle. Oh, and the protein in the nuts automatically makes it a healthy dessert option. And there’s calcium in the cream that goes on top. So, it’s basically as good as fruit salad, I think.

Fruit salad. Ish.
Fruit salad. Ish.

Have a great weekend!


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One thought on “Pictures of the week

  1. All so true on Legally Blonde. It’s seems to have been playing for a while so something must be going right with their promotions department. I have nil interest.

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