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Fakin’ bacon

I am not a huge fan of bacon. I like the idea of it, and can sometimes be swept up in brunchtime euphoria and order it, only to be reminded on its arrival that I don’t actually like to eat it. Unless there is no fat and – no offence, pigs – but there always seems to be fat. Now, I have always known that I’m one of the few people (outside the vegan/vego community) who doesn’t like bacon, but until recently I didn’t know about the whole industry devoted to bacon lovers. Not just food products either – oh no, there are accessories, scented stationery and a whole heap of other crazy bacon-inspired things…

For only $5, you can buy these bacon flavoured toothpicks. Whether you are inspired by Joel Madden or some other cool dude who chews away on a ‘pick, apparently “if you love bacon, you won’t be able to live without these scrumptious, bacon flavored toothpicks!” EverydaySparks is here to save your life, bacon fan. Even though I think they sound like a crazy idea, I do like the tin that houses the 80 toothpicks – Sir Oinkery Porkinson, with his monocle and cane. But with no shoes to cover his trotters (I mean hooves).

Then there is this bacon wallet. Which is not really made of bacon, but of faux leather. For that little bit of Lady Gaga in all of us, without the worry of being followed around by all of the neighbourhood dogs.

Or maybe you feel like your bacon fix is limited to the kitchen and you really want to bring your love of bacon to your bathroom. No, not bacon scented air freshener (although I am sure you can get it somewhere), but bacon soap, toothpaste and dental floss. Uh huh.

If you or someone you know is a fan of fakin’ bacon, you can check out the whole category of stuff for sale at Fred Flare here.

(They also have bacon salt, popcorn and – two products that almost made me cry – bacon flavoured chocolate and a bacon & choc-chip pancake mix. Oh, the horror.)


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6 thoughts on “Fakin’ bacon

  1. There is something very strange about a porky smelling hygiene range, I wonder whether it will take over from “Brut” as the all over mens range (together with the man cave candle of course!!)….. you find some great stuff

  2. Sparks – You are a veritable font of potential birthday gifts for LM. First, the man candle and now, the bacon wallet. So wrong it’s almost right! Bless your wacky finds!

    I have a potential solution for your bacon-phobia. There is a fabulous organic meat supplier called The Back Paddock (I’m not kidding about the name and there is a whole story about LM giving Mr Farmer from The Back Paddock a bit of a wink about the potential double entendre in the name but it flew right under his farming boot). They make their own very yummy lamb bacon. It is very lean and comes from happy lambs who frolicked in the grass before they sacrificed themselves for our eating pleasure. The Back Paddock are at Eveleigh every Saturday. They also make the best sausages with no preservatives. 🙂

    1. Gift giving is my thing, TSL – the quirkier, the better, I say. Thanks for the tip re The Back Paddock 😉 … though I have to tell you that I’m not a lamb fan, either. Sorry, my kiwi friend! 🙂

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