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Tree of Life

on April 25, 2012

I like trees. Especially at this time of year in Australia, when the leaves are turning red or gold and falling to the ground. So we can jump around and crunch through piles of them. Or slip on them when it’s raining, trying to look cool while struggling to stay upright. Yes, good times indeed.

I also like this tree, which I noticed recently on etsy. Designed by Maria in Amsterdam, this tree looks pretty funky just as it is. But, like a lot of things in Amsterdam – don’t be fooled by appearances. This tree is a photo album. Uh huh.

You can add photos of the family for a cute present to welcome a new baby. Or perhaps pics of the kids in the class for a nice end-of-year gift for the teacher. Or snaps of your smiling face for your beloved (or ex-beloved, if you want to make them feel bad). Or faces of workmates for a departing colleague. Or maybe a tree full of happy images – like, say, chocolate, red wine, Liam Neeson, freesias, homegrown tomatoes, sunset, cherry pie, popcorn – to give you a lift on those days that you’re not feeling so chirpy.

Endless possibilities for your little tree of life. And I think I’ll finish on that profound note, so that you can ponder that thought. (While you’re checking out the range of trees at the FemkeMaria etsy shop.)

3 responses to “Tree of Life

  1. j u s t bordering on the slightly spooky for this girl, Sparks… All those faces staring out at you (shudder!)

  2. Very cute…. funny I was just thinking yesterday how the autumn is here with all the leaves falling. Although do agree with TSL you would need to select the right photo’s or just get ones of everyone pulling funny faces.

  3. A. Rborist says:

    I like it. I also see an alternative use for this item – as a ‘Downfall’ esque game. You drop a coin/ball/tiddlywink in at the top and see which of your loved ones you need to rotate until it drops out the bottom – fun for all the family.

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