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Aye aye, Captain

This isn’t a political post – I’m not flying the feminist flag and trying to rally the sisterhood or anything like that. But I recently bought a print by Amanda Visell and just got it back from the framing shop. And now it’s on the wall, with its shiny silver frame and its cute drawing and its awesome message. I am my own captain. I reckon it makes sense whether you’re happily coupled, or a single gal, or a self-doubting chap, or an indecisive kid, or a black cat in a sailor hat. Or anyone in between. Since I can’t seem to take a photo of it without some strange reflection of my head or the lights or the ghost of Granny May, I thought I’d go back to the source for a photo. Then I was reminded of how amazing Amanda Visell’s work is, so thought I should share some of it with you.

I also like I am a maverick, from the same print series, but since I am really more of a goose than a maverick, I didn’t think it was quite right for me. There is also a chick in chain mail on a horse, with the message I can save myself. And then a crazy looking hairy monster that says I am wild. I’m happy with my choice because I like what it says (to me, anyways) – essentially, you’re in charge of you.

But Amanda doesn’t just paint quirky stuff, she also makes quirky stuff, out of metal or vinyl or wood. Like this incredible sea horse (with passenger), which I love. Or everyone’s favourite pet, the pterodactyl (flying a kite). Or limited edition elephants or crocodiles, each with a BIG  personality and a story to tell.

Amanda has a website and a blog, but she sells her stuff on Switcheroo – it’s well worth a look!


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8 thoughts on “Aye aye, Captain

  1. Can you help me find big art for the empty spots in our place please? I like your style!!Perhaps a future blog topic?

    1. Agreed, TSL. Her second series is fantastic too and I’m keen to buy at least some of them for my little nieces – especially love the ‘Be You’ one. The lady at the framing shop looked at my Captain print and said, “So, ah, like, what’s this all about?” – clearly Amanda Visell’s work doesn’t speak to everyone, but I’m glad you like it too!

    1. Thanks for visiting – looking forward to more blog posts from you (no pressure!) and to hearing many success stories of making money from doing what you love!

  2. Funny – when my then 89 year old grandfather was cruelly dumped by a much younger women (67 – go Pamps) he told me that it was her loss and from now on she would have to sail her own boat. Now, knowing that he and said women went no further than the Autumn Leaves pensioners centre (in a landlocked part of the UK) I was very confused but now see that he was expressing a similar sentiment to the lovely Amanada (whose work is fab by the way).

    1. Ahoy there, Captain Pugwash. Your Pamps sounds fabulous (as is the name Pamps) – what a wise man. I bet that 67 year old floozy regretted her dumb decision to dump poor old Pamps and sail her own boat. Whatever that means, indeed!

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