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Free fingers

This image caught my eye(s) on – it’s kinda creepy that the gloved hands are just hovering there in mid-air.  And typing an email shouting about FREEHANDS GLOVES.  (Who is the email for?  And why the shouting?  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?)  And maybe I watch too much tv, but those particular gloves look just like the ones that psychotic murders wear (no offence intended, Hand Model Guy).  Apparently Josh Rubin and his “glove-maker-father” developed these so that you could protect your hands from the freezing US winters while still texting and emailing your peeps.  And playing Words With Friends.  They’re sort of like little hoodies for your thumbs and pointer fingers (sorry, I don’t think that second one is the correct anatomical term).  Think about the marketing possibilities…these little beauties are not just a must-have item for geeks-on-the-go, but for nose pickers, outdoor-winter-fingerpainters, freezer-loving-cross-stitchers and those people who insist on frequently applying lip gloss out of teeny tiny pots.  Which probably covers 97% of the population.  Genius idea!


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