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Beached as…

I don’t mean to bring the tone down – I know this isn’t exactly a photo to make you giggle with glee.  Especially if you’re a bird.  Lest you think I’m some kind of sicko, the ‘everyday spark’ here isn’t meant to be the dead bird, but the reaction of the little peeps as we strolled past it on the beach.  Fox (aged 12) stopped to make this sandy headstone, which I thought was pretty nice, since we had never even met the bird before that morning.  We were on our daily walk to visit the sea anemones, with their slightly creepy vacuum-like powers.  It was pretty early in the morning, so none of us were up for a profound discussion about mortality – I figure the point was made anyway when a giant wave came a few seconds later and washed it all away…


Finding those everyday sparks - the ones that make life funnier, scarier, happier, nicer, weirder...

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