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Whistle While You Walk

This isn’t really a book club, I just wanted to show you this excerpt from the book I’m currently reading on how to pack for the Camino de Santiago. I hadn’t expected there to be so much to learn about the topic, but it’s quite a long book. Like a lot of the reading I’ve done about the Camino, it’s super-informative, but parts of it are slightly disturbing.

Sounds like a plan.
Sounds like a plan.

Just look at that dude on the cover, trotting along the Way, with a little bird helping lift the burden of his (already tiny) backpack. Happy days on the Camino, yes? Well, not every day, if page 106 of this book is to be believed. I’m off to buy a whistle. Or a high-tech sound device.



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3 thoughts on “Whistle While You Walk

  1. Now, see, Sparks – you strike me as one of those ‘can do’ girls who can stick two fingers in her mouth and let out a piercing sound merely by blowing… I’m slightly disappointed that you are off to buy a whistle.

  2. Try searching in the App store – there are hundreds of whistles, many specifically for training (or deterring) dogs. There is even one called ‘annoying frquencies’ – that sounds exactly what you need.

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