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I know I posted about meditation last week (on that note, the Deepak & Oprah 21-day challenge started yesterday: so far, so good!) but clearly the universe is trying to tell me something as I have come across another sort of meditation site with one of the coolest domain names ever: I really think it’s worth having a look if you get a chance – especially if you’re having a not-so-great day and need a virtual getaway.

You can choose either a 2 minute, 10 minute or 20 minute ‘guided relaxation’, then you select your ‘scene’ from a whole range of images and background sounds (that go together). You can pretend you’re relaxing on a deserted beach (without any pesky seagulls), or chillin’ by a mountain lake, or watching the rain come tumbling down (without getting your hair wet). The moving image is accompanied by gentle sounds that really do take you to another place. Until that annoying colleague taps you on the shoulder or that pesky person next to you on the bus starts to eat an egg and tuna sandwich.


A good excuse to reuse my calming photo of the Dublin sky from September...
A good excuse to reuse my calming photo of the Dublin sky from September…


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  1. Thanks for the tip Cate – I feel floaty light already. I wish I had read this post a little earlier – like when my uostairs neighbours were partying until 5am (they went to bed as Mr C and I got up for wrok!). I was not feeling very calm then.

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