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Right on, Kid President

I discovered Kid President via this You Tube clip and when I looked a bit further, it turns out that Kid President seems to be part of Soul Pancake, a funky website dedicated to stuff that matters. Soul Pancake was actually started by Rainn Wilson (the quirky guy who plays Dwight in the US series of The Office) and a couple of his mates back in 2008. I think they can best explain the idea behind their very cool site: Our brain batter of art, culture, science, philosophy, spirituality and humoris designed to open your mind, challenge your friends, and feed damn good. 

The Soul Pancake peeps are trying to encourage interaction around “Life’s Big Questions” – through video, art, words and live events, they’re harnessing the talents of a whole range of people to get us talking about stuff that matters. I like this idea a lot. And don’t worry about it being all ooooh-wah-ooooh mung beans and rainbows, the site features fantastic design and graphics and is lots of fun to look around.

But back to Kid President. Apparently, he releases videos each Thursday in an attempt to make grown-ups less boring. More power to you and your mission, Kid President. And what better video for the beginning of a new week than A Pep Talk From Kid President To You. Awesome. You can check out Soul Pancake here.


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