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Beautiful Boston

This is my first visit to Boston. And I love it. The weather has been perfect – beautiful blue skies, sunny days and really cold. It’s great weather for walking around all day, but the chilliness gets a bit biting at night. Actually, it starts getting a bit too cold to be fun in the afternoon – it’s now starting to get dark around 3pm. Here are some pics from Boston’s Public Garden & the famous Boston Common – two stunning parks that live side-by-side here in the middle of the city. A lot of the trees have already lost their autumn colours, but there are still lots of reds and yellows brightening up the parks.

Afternoon in the Public Garden.
Lagoon in the Public Garden.
Giant trees in the Public Garden.
Love your work, Boston.
Boston Common
Boston Common again. I took about a thousand pictures, but tried to limit them for this post.


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9 thoughts on “Beautiful Boston

  1. Who couldn’t like the city that gave us Aerosmith? Thanks for the photos Cate – I have an open invitation to stay with family in Boston – i think I will deffo take it up now.

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