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Using big words

I love word games. Yes, I’m a dork like that. And of course Scrabble is the daddy (or mummy, in the case of my family) of all word games. It gives you the chance to trot out all of those strange words you’ve read over the years and not really understood, while you try and block your opponent from getting their tiles anywhere near a triple word opportunity. And now there’s Words with Friends, which is sort of like Scrabble with a much higher tolerance for fake words, and you can play on your iphone as you sit on the bus or wait for the Doctor or pretend to work.

But whether you’re playing on the board or on the screen, there comes a time when you’re just staring vacantly, with no clue about what to do with the tiles in your rack. You need a different perspective – a fresh view of your options. Though I don’t think you’d have that same problem with this particular version of Scrabble that I found for sale at Hammacher Schlemmer.

For only $12,000 you could own this giant Scrabble set that’s sure to both impress and frighten your friends. According to the website, it’s the world’s largest wall-mounted Scrabble game – one of only nine that was handmade by artist John Kahn. It even comes with giant racks for your tiles. The product blurb says that it’s “nearly 5x the size of the original” – now, I’m not sure if that man in the photo is a pixie, but it seems a lot bigger than 5x the original to me!   

Anyways, you can read more about this interactive work of art at the Hammacher Schlemmer website here. Although if you’re like me – closer to the floor than the ceiling – then you might need to consider a step-ladder to make sure that those triple word scores are still within reach. Cos I reckon it’d be so much sweeter to beat your opponent with a giant triple word than a normal triple word. Game on.


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11 thoughts on “Using big words

    1. Ha, yes – agree with you there! At $12k, I don’t think I could let anyone play with it, which kind of defeats the purpose! 🙂

  1. Isn’t Germany the land of gnomes and pixies? It’s possible, isn’t it? If we don’t have a current word with friends game going, does that mean I’ve been dropped?

    1. Good point, it is possible that he is a teeny tiny Scrabbler. And you haven’t been dropped – I think Words with Friends resigned me because I took too long to take my turn, I’ll start a new one now! 🙂

  2. Sparks – I was in Bronte yesterday and I saw a woman wearing pinkies… She didn’t look how I imagine you to look (so I didn’t call out “Sparks – is that you?” – but I was tempted…)

    1. I love that you have an idea of how I look – just so we’re clear, I’m not quite as green as my kewpie profile pic…although that would make for quite a contrast with the pinkies! I am laughing as I think of you calling out “Sparks – is that you?” to some eastern suburbs lady – it wasn’t me, I promise. I still think of you as the squirrel in the hoodie (which is how i misinterpreted your profile pic at a glance & now I can’t shake that image) – although soon the hoodie will be swapped for a beret! 🙂

      1. Now that I’ve spotted the pinkies once, my brain seems hardwired to be on the look-out for them. This morning there were two women on the Bay Run wearing them. AAAARGH! Why can’t you be green? It would be so much easier (and potentially less embarrassing!)

  3. I once played a game of scrabbel with my lovely mum (a lady who I have only heard swear once in my 38 years). I was left with 4 tiles CTNU. We giggled histerically for about 3 hours, over a bottle of Baileys. Ah, happy memories.

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