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Run, Pinkies, Run

I mentioned a little a while ago that I bought some ridiculously bright pink running shoes in an attempt to run faster. After a reasonable testing period, I am thinking of writing to the manufacturer to tell them that THEIR SHOES AREN’T WORKING PROPERLY.

As a bit of background, I am not what you’d call a natural athlete. It is not a genetic gift with which the children in my family were blessed. I mean, you know, we can all walk without bumping into stuff, but we weren’t really runners or netballers or footballers or gymnasts or swimmers. My younger brother and I were t-ball players (and I don’t even know if that version of junior baseball exists anymore) and I played volleyball and a teeny bit of tennis in high school. Where the coach was the same creepy old dude that had coached my mother when she attended the same school some decades earlier, so it wasn’t exactly Wimbledon.

The Bay Run, Canada Bay in Sydney.
[Image from NSW Govt Planning & Infrastructure]
Anyways, a few years ago I started to run a bit because it seemed like the thing to do. I felt like I was still too young and too dog-less to be going for walks, and running always looked pretty cool. When I watched other people doing it, that is. I was running a few times a week for a while there (the Bay Run in Sydney was my stomping / slumping ground) and my fitness improved and I remember feeling fairly self-righteous after I exercised. But then I fell off the wagon. And the cruel thing about a long break in exercise is that it’s not like riding a bike – your body (well, at least, my body) doesn’t pick up right where it left off and say, ‘oh yeah, we’re running again – I remember this, let’s go’. Not even close.

Path to Mosman Bay.
[Image from Sydney Diary Star]
So now I’m starting again. Along a beautiful track, with my new shoes, the Pinkies, for motivation. And since I’m a bit older, I don’t want to risk getting injured or collapsing on the side of the road, so I’m following a training program called Couch to 10k. I had started with a Couch to 5k program a few years ago and I liked the gradual increase in intervals, so that the running kind of snuck up on you. And I also liked the way they encouraged you to take a day off every other day.

I found an app called 10K for Pink – it’s a free app that someone somewhere had recommended and it’s pretty good – I’m up to Week 6 of the 14 week program now. It’s great because I can just concentrate on breathing while I play my music and a lady in an upbeat voice interrupts at intervals to tell me what to do – “start running”, “start walking”, “you have one minute left” and my favourite: “start your cool down”.

If the Pinkies aren’t exactly making me faster, at least they’re super-light, which must surely mean that it’s a little easier to lift my feet. And it also means that I have no excuses when I go on a couple of trips later this year – the Pinkies will be coming with me, tucked into my suitcase and ready to run in the northern hemisphere. Since the first trip is in a few weeks, I thought I should introduce the Pinkies as (a) it will help to keep me running, now that you know and (b) they may post from their travels if they run across any everyday sparks. And if you’re thinking of running, you can check out the Couch to 10k program that I’m using here. It did seem like a good idea at the time!


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15 thoughts on “Run, Pinkies, Run

  1. Sparks – I’m impressed. I do not run. I do the Bay W A L K a couple of times a week (and now I shall keep my eye out for the pinkies). In my defence, I have a dog. She comes with me.

    Where are you travelling to, my enigmatic friend?

    1. Oh, don’t be too impressed with me, TSL – I fear that most days, my face matches my shoes and I sometimes catch a glimpse of fear in the eyes of the people I pass by as I smile hello (which probably looks to them like a weird, tortured sort of grimace)! Off to Ireland & London to catch up with old friends (Dublin was my home town for a couple of years, so prepare for some ‘memory lane’ posts!) – can’t wait. You must be counting down the days til Paris, oui? 🙂

      1. You nutter – you must be running too fast and you misinterpret the looks – they are looks of admiration, not fear!

        How exciting for you. LM and I are in Paris & London (which has been my stomping ground twice) in less than 4 weeks. LM says I am already becoming unbearable.

          1. Yeah, we’re just following your lead, lady! PS, that shop you recommended in London (the name escapes me now, of course, something like Drink Shop Do??) is on my to-do list, so you’ll be there in spirit! 🙂

  2. I purchased a fluro pink pair of asics this week for the very same reason, I’ve mostly been going for walks around pyrmont and have used the cardio machines once so I don’t think it has worked very well for me motivation-wise but I do feel very girly in them!

  3. I think your pinkie shoes would look great if you joined our team at the Pinkie Triathon in October, but you might be jetting about then. Enjoy and the shoes look great

    1. Haha, good point! I will be around in October, but I’m still not sure about the bike part of the tri. Or the swimming part. 🙂

      1. There is a relay option?? I’m hoping it will just be heaps of fun and a great way to introduce the little one’s to doing something good for someone else and yourself.

  4. Can’t wait to see you sporting the pinkies! Can’t promise we’ll be company on any runs but will certainly pull out our funkiest footwear to step out with you around Dublin xx

    1. Thanks – not sure what the pinkies will make of the rain, so let’s hope that late summer materialises in the next couple of weeks! 😉

  5. There’s a “Canada Bay” in Sydney?! I wish I knew that when I was living there! I would have loved to visit. I guess this means I must return to Sydney…! 🙂

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