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Bonjour, monsieur

on July 19, 2012

Yann is a professional photographer based in Paris. Yann claims to specialise in many things: portraits, products, landscapes, reportages… But today, I wanted to share some of Yann’s prints that are for sale on etsy. Because I really like what he’s done here and I really LOVE the thought that there might be a teeny tiny chap in a top hat doing his thing without us even knowing.

The Threader
(c) Yann Pendaries

The Macaroons Hatter
(c) Yann Pendaries

The Seed Gatherer
(c) Yann Pendaries

The Snail Tamer
(c) Yann Pendaries

The Morning Ringer
(c) Yann Pendaries

The Shell Renter
(c) Yann Pendaries

The Coffee Stirrer
(c) Yann Pendaries

These are just a selection of Yann’s amazing work for sale in his etsy shop Photography Dream. I can’t decide between The Seed Gatherer, The Snail Tamer and The Shell Renter. Now if only Yann could find the guy who hides the socks in the washing machine, or the car keys when you’re in a hurry to leave, or your ringing mobile phone buried in your bag…

14 responses to “Bonjour, monsieur

  1. love the macaroons…. the snails creep me out a little, butoveall a really cool find, love them

  2. Thumballina says:

    Ah, le Petit homme qui fait utile choses. He is very talented indeed. Hermit crabs are notoriously bad payers so if he is making a living from that scheme then tres bien. Also, have you tried to train a snail? not as easy as it may look!

  3. artquench says:

    We love Yann’s work! Thank you for showing these photos!

  4. Alex Khoo says:

    Cool works here! Amazing!

  5. Oh I love these! Maybe we all need a little man in a top hat! Thanks for taking time to share someone else’s work. Not everyone would do that.

  6. Ooooooh Thank you so much from the little man in the top hat :o) I am very touched that you like my photography, and that you share it on your blog! I will try to find where he hides the socks haha :o)
    And Thumballina, yes I think hermit crabs are not very good customers, I need to chase the rent lol
    THANK you so much
    Yann :o)

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