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Sock it to ’em

Sock monkeys seem to be everywhere at the moment. Well, not wandering the streets or catching buses or seeing movies, but everywhere in shops that sell cool toys. I like them a lot and think they’re a great gift for young and old alike, but they can be a bit same-same looking, without a distinct personality or style. Enter the clever people at You Make Me…Me, who sell their ‘handmade sock softies and baby books’ on my beloved Australian handmade market site MadeIt.

These are more than sock monkeys. These are movie stars. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter or a whole heap of other films, you’ll find your match here. It was this Yoda who first caught my eye – firstly, because he is a favourite beacon of wisdom in an often dreary world, and secondly, because in this incarnation he looks a little bit like a dodgy gremlin or an old man you might see in the park…

Or if Wookiees are more your thing, then here is Chewbacca in sock form. I find him almost as scary in this form as on the big screen, but since he means no harm (at least, that’s how I remember it), he’s probably a safe addition to your home security detail. 

Then there is that pesky boy wizard Harry Potter, complete with dorky glasses, scar from that failed homicide and a little wand to cast a spell on those around you. As always, I take no responsibility for whatever happens if you bring Harry into your life – that kid did get into quite a lot of trouble…

You can also get custom-made supporter sock monkeys in your team’s colours, along with a range of more traditional looking sock friends. If you’d like to brighten your life with the company of these ‘sock softies’, then check out the collection in the MadeIt shop here.


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11 thoughts on “Sock it to ’em

  1. Just brilliant, Sparks. Love these. I have a sock monkey set waiting to be assembled (and gathering dust). You may just have been the inspiration I need… or not. I may just go and see these wee beauties on MadeIt!

    1. They are very cool, TSL. Although, making your very own would mean you could add your own flair – and a bit of tapestry or crochet, perhaps?! 😉

        1. Never! A tapestry suit like the family in your post today would maybe be too much, but I love the thought of a sock monkey with a crocheted beanie or vest or some other crocheted accessory, don’t you?

    1. Ha, love your thinking – your socks have gone to a better place…They have some very cool variations on the ‘normal’ sock monkeys on the site – am sure you’ll like them! 🙂

    1. Thanks – that article is fabulous and those soft toys are great, such a clever idea! Well, except for that scary looking sheep with the monster face on its side – that’s the stuff of nightmares! Thanks for sharing – love that you saw it and thought or everydaysparks! 🙂

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