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Great Danes

I first read about Danish label LuckyBoySunday in Frankie magazine, alongside a photo of three very cool looking chairs. So I looked at the website (yes, even though they were apparently only for children) and I was hooked. I don’t know if Danish children are more melancholic (if that’s a word) than other children, but the collections of accessories on the website would scare the crap out of most kids I know.

The creation story of LuckyBoySunday is a cute one. The idea was born “on a Sunday in August 2007” as Camilla & Camilla (yes, really) sat by a lake in Copenhagen and “shaking hands, promising each other to create our very own version of a child’s reality”. And so they did. With their focus on “silly, seriously, joyful, graphics, dreams. Yes!” they are surely on the right track. As long as your children aren’t prone to nightmares as they see their toys coming to life at night…

The collection is made of “very soft 100% baby alpaca”, which sounds a bit cruel to me. (They haven’t specified, but I presume they mean the baby alpaca’s wool.)

Anyways, the peculiar hand cushion is called Fancy Finger, for obvious reasons. And the little girl is holding Dead Buddy. Uh huh. Then there is Balthazar, the shirtless guy with the blue balaclava and his bestie Sailor Jack, who look like they’ve had a rough night at sea. Or somewhere. And then there’s the Uffie cushion – part-robber, part-anxiety and all charm. Then there are the fabulous Mr Bells, with their green and blue moustaches.

The collection is for children? Do you really think so? Either way, they have some very cool and kooky accessories and their website is well worth a visit. You can check it out here.


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6 thoughts on “Great Danes

  1. I love Lucky Boy Sunday (have posted on them, too!) and I am not surprised you are a fellow admirer, Sparks. I love the fact that they are just slightly off-centre!

    1. Eeeek – just looked through your archives and saw that! They were featured in Frankie this month, so those chairs were my first glimpse of their work. But they are definitely off-centre! 🙂

  2. ‘Melancholic’ is a word. As are ‘sad’, ‘depressive’, ‘dour’ and ‘miserable’. There’s a reason Scandanavians have the highest suicide rate in the world.

    Emo cabbage patch dolls? Seriously?

    1. Wow. I guess they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like them. To me, they have a lot more character than the mass-produced plastic toys that crowd most shops. But, each to their own, Nick – hopefully you’ll find something more to your liking in another post! 🙂

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