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Party people (on a bus)

I’m not sure about posting this as I don’t want you to think less of me. But I found this in a very innocent way, I assure you. I was looking for a design collection called Funbus and that brought me to the FunBus service offered in Sydney and Melbourne and that brought me to Butlers in the Buff – the male order company. And there I stopped.

Now, back to the Sydney and Melbourne FunBus(es). Apparently, the owners have converted Mercedes vans into an alternate universe, which can seat up to 14 people and accommodate people standing. And poledancing, if you choose to have the removable dance pole mounted in the centre of the disco floor. Some other inclusions that I just can’t fathom are: silver top bars with built in eskies and laser and LED lighting plus a smoke machine. Seriously? Laser and LED lighting and a smoke machine in the back of a van? Somebody call Shaggy and Scooby, THIS is a van.

In the ‘packages’ page on the FunBus site is the link to Butlers in the Buff. Yes, really. Apparently, whether you are looking for naked butlers to greet your guests or a discreet cocktail waiter to gently enhance the ambience of your event, a group of hunky waiters to raise the roof, or a topless butler to spice up your birthday, we have the perfect solution for any occasion. Well, any occasion except, I’m guessing, wakes after funerals or bah mitzvahs. The website provides further information on the company and its Australian franchises (yes, the Butlers are global) under the heading “The brains behind the bums”. Then there is a photo of a naked man checking on something wrapped in foil in a BBQ (fear not, he is wearing a short apron around his waist, so that should resolve any health & safety concerns).

All of the material on the website (photos and copy) is protected, so I can’t share it with you here, but you should have a look if you have any further questions. (NB, don’t be fooled – the butler in this photo is clearly not a Butler in the Buff.) Perhaps the section entitled “Using your butler” will assist with some ideas, or “Butler Outfits”, which explains the “trademark outfit” and suggests boxer shorts or trousers (for the Butlers, that is) if you’re after a more modest catering experience. Or perhaps you’re looking for some casual work – in which case, a career as a Butler or Butlerette might be just the thing.

You can check out the FunBus here and Butlers in the Buff here. Or perhaps this glimpse has already been more than enough for you!


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9 thoughts on “Party people (on a bus)

  1. You took me through some emotional highs and lows in this post. After the first paragraph, I thought that I would not hear the full story on butlers in the buff, and was resigned to spending my morning doing my own research. Thank goodness you obliged.

    1. Thanks JM – I only wish I could have provided more pics. Then again, do I? I would hate to bring down the tone of this high-brow blog… But if you check out the websites provided, I think you will chuckle too. My favourite photos were of the poor Butlers dressed for ‘theme nights’ like gladiators or knights or whatever. They just looked so humiliated, like all they wanted was to be back in the buff!

  2. I can just see it now on Oxford Street, with the smoke machine billowing out of the windows, whilst young girls in their 12 inch platform heels hold onto the poles after one too many bottles of “Passion pop” ( not sure if they still sell that stuff!)…… fantastic!! I will certainly have to look closer for those Butlers though if I do see it …thanks for sharing Cate…. 🙂

    1. Ha, thanks! The thought of being stuck in a small-ish van with a smoke machine sounds pretty close to hell on wheels to me, but I think you’ve got the target market pegged. It would be funny to watch them try to stay upright in the back of the van in the stop-start traffic of the city – hope the walls are padded… 🙂

  3. I am a little confused, how can there be a range of outfits if the Butlers are supposed to be in the buff? I am phoning trading standards as soon as I am done here. The fun bus is terrifying – if you really want a party bus then you should look up Pedibus It is from London (as all quality things are 🙂 and not only do you have fun and drink beer but you are exercising and sight-seeing at the same time – genius. Four activities in one, who could ask for more? X

    1. It is deceptive and misleading indeed. Perhaps they are trying to broaden their appeal, although the website does suggest that naked men are appropriate waiters at work functions. Clearly I have been working in the wrong sorts of places! As for the exercise/tourism/alcohol bus you mentioned – it just so happens that a friend of mine recently bought the Australian license to that very operation! They’re starting soon on the northern beaches in Sydney: – get on board, Buffy! 🙂

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