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Sayonara, raindrops

Rainy days make a lot of people cranky. Wet socks in wet shoes, wet hair on wet face, wet hands on wet iphones. And don’t even get me started on the disaster of an unexpected downpour when you’re wearing white. Let’s just say all those strangers aren’t staring because they’re concerned for your welfare.

But now you can take control of the elements and show those raindrops who’s boss. This Japanese (of course) umbrella design will help keep you dry and should also help to scare away any creepy dudes you may meet in dark alleys. (NB, if you are already able to fly above the rooftops, Crouching Tiger-style, this of course won’t be an important feature for you.)

I first spotted the umbrella on the fantastic Matomeno site (you will find it in the Rain Goods section) – it’s made by Kikkerland and is the perfect combo of function and form. It comes with a handy cover and carrying strap so you are always ready for action. There is also a mini version in case you prefer to keep your samurai skills on the down-low and want to tuck the umbrella in your handbag. You can see it on the Matomeno site here and buy it on the very cool Rakuten site here. Fear not the raindrops (or the dark-alley-dwellers), brave warrior.


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5 thoughts on “Sayonara, raindrops

  1. I feel that they are missing a marketing opportunity here …… umbrellas for film fans. This beautiful specimen is perfect for the Kill Bill fans, next should come a Light Saber version for all us Star Wars nuts, there could be a baton for the lovers of all those quality cheerleader- type films……… I would go on but need to Google -‘ how to construct an umbrella’

    1. Yes! Such a good idea, although I am not sure that I like your tone about my beloved cheerleader-type films (if you mean films like Bring It On, which is up there with Citizen Kane as far as I’m concerned). Other than that, I like your thinking…and I would look forward to the Avatar, Moulin Rouge and Saving Private Ryan collections. But most of all, the umbrella for fans of the animated film Up. Let’s get designin’ and marketin’, my friend…

  2. I have one of these (surprisingly)! It’s the best when I walk in a restaurant and people have to look twice to realise it is in fact an umbrella. I think I need to get myself one of those vests!

    1. Nice one, Anna – a vest or a ninja mask is definitely the next step for you (though probably more for streetwear than in restaurants)!

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