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Livers & thyroids & brains, oh my!

These bright, colourful and strange looking soft toys caught my eye on recently. And when a product line is described as ‘anatomically correct plushies’, you know you’re on to a winner. Whether you want to encourage a med student, commemorate a successful surgery, or just have some organs scattered around your lounge room, these designs from I Heart Guts are worth a look. They appear to feature most of your big-ticket organs, like the pink and blue lungs shown on the left (which appear to be selling out, so if lungs are your thing, better get in fast). And of course, red hearts and purple kidneys and blue brains. Ho hum.

I really like some of the other organs though – the ones that I imagine are slightly less popular at sale time. The good ol’ gall bladder, source of such pain for so many. Or the pretty pink and purple ovary, yellow (of course) bladder, bright green spleen or worm-like orange appendix. There’s even a pancreas and a whole heap of different glands, in case you’re a fan of those unsung heroes of the body. And the I Heart Guts website is educational too, with great descriptions for kids (or adults who aren’t great with science) like this summary of your smiley orange stomach: The stomach creates a highly acidic environment used to digest all the cookies, ice cream and bacon you gobble up. This lil’ guy’s digestive juices help break down food for the intestine, which absorbs the actual nutrients. Don’t forget to chew. Say stomach in Japanese: Ibukuro!

Wendy Bryan, I salute you. You and your cleverly designed plush organs.

Need some guts? Look here.


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4 thoughts on “Livers & thyroids & brains, oh my!

    1. Thank you! Birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, promotions – nothing says I love you or congratulations quite like an organ plushie!

  1. I would want the bright green spleen…. It’s my favourite organ in anatomy classes seeing as it’s distinctive colour makes identifying it so easy for a mere beginner like myself.

    1. Haha, am sure a whole body of plushies would help your studies! Well, the plushies + playing the game ‘Operation’ every night – you’ll be a superstar surgeon for sure.

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