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Too cool for school

These amazing fine art prints from Angela Rossi in LA make me laugh. Out loud. (See kids, we used to say it like that before you lazied it into LOL.) With the animal tops perfectly matched to the old American yearbook bodies, you can just imagine these dudes roaming the halls of the local high school back in the day. Not wishing to stereotype, but I reckon Andrea the Giraffe (all animals named by the artist, I have just interpreted the characteristics) would be the studious library-at-lunchtime geek; Hunter the Hound is either smoking in the bathroom or saying dopey things at the back of the classroom; Ryan the Raccoon is the cool jock (with a beard); Timmy the Alpaca would be all about music/drama/dahnce; Heather the Persian Cat would be the uptight teacher’s pet and Rachelle the Cockatoo would just be annoying (with a cute blonde ponytail).

Check out more cool prints, plates and postcards at Angela’s etsy shop Beat Up Creations.


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2 thoughts on “Too cool for school

  1. I was looking forward to hear if you were included (or not!) by the ‘doggie set’ on your walk this morning?

    While reading your blog yesterday about how the doggie set always seem to gravitate to each other to form a somewhat exclusive group, I was thinking how a similar dynamic can be observed amongst smokers

    1. Very true! And that makes me wonder…with the combined powers of a fake dog and some of those Fads fake cigarettes (I hope they still sell them in supermarkets), surely I could be the coolest kid on the trail! Will keep you posted…

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