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Something fishy

on February 26, 2012

For too long, most of us have been stuck with goldfish – or perhaps the slightly more upmarket Siamese fighting fish – as friends.  Sure, they’re pretty and they swim around, probably wondering why on earth there is a strange castle or cactus or volcano in their tank.  And in fairness, Siamese fighting fish are pretty bad ass, almost certain to kill their fishy neighbours if you don’t keep a wall between them.  But now I’ve seen this amazing Desktop Jellyfish Tank, by Jellyfish Art (thanks Fab.com) and there is no going back to goldfish.  You get 3 ‘Moon Jellyfish’, six months of food, an LED tank light that changes colour (giving the tank a disco vibe) and a heap of other complicated sounding stuff.  They note that Moon Jellyfish don’t sting, although I’m not sure that you should be getting them out to play very often.  The downside – I don’t know how long they live, you probably can’t pick a favourite as they all look the same and you can’t make eye contact with them.  But they are very cool – like little ghosts of the sea, trick or treating around the tank.

Enough about me, what do YOU think?

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