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Life-changing necklaces

So we all heard about how Angelina used to wear that vial of Billy Bob’s blood around her neck – soooo romantic.  But if you don’t have a significant other / blood donor, what can you wear instead of silver or gold to make yourself stand out from the crowd?  Sure, some hep cats try leather or studded dog collars or even new-age fooey crystals.  But today I’ve found something even better – plants.  Yep, you can turn your neck into a little nursery with these amazing ‘wearable planters’ by Colleen Jordan (thanks  Presumably, it’ll help if you’re a sad sort of person, prone to outbursts of tears to keep your little plant watered.  I’m easily inspired, so the HBS (hair brained scheme) that I draw from this is the limitless potential for funk-tional neckwear… If I could work out a way to make a small oven that looks fashionable and warms, rather than burns, the wearer – hello, on-the-go baking of teeny tiny cookies!  Or a small freezer that doesn’t turn the wearer into an eskimo (sorry, I think there’s a new politically correct term for the people we knew as eskimoes, but I don’t recall what it is) – hello, portable teeny tiny ice blocks for summertime fun!  Or, pending RSPCA approval, what about a portable kennel for your teeny tiny designer colloodle or labhuahua – hello, overpriced & peculiar looking precious pet on the move!  That’s it, I’m heading for my craft box – this idea is a good ‘un…


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