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No sour grapes here

You may know that we are about four weeks into the 7 Eleven Slurpee promotion – 13 Flavours in 13 Weeks. Some of my nieces and I have taken it upon ourselves to try as many of the 13 flavours as we can get our hands on, after school on Mondays. This week though, I went to visit a friend and so the Slurpee Run has been postponed ’til Wednesday afternoon. Today, the official Slurpee site revealed the flavour for this week and almost everyone in our family is excited. It is the one we had been hoping for – Sour Cherry.

It’s amazing how life throws you little signs – this is a sign to me that the week ahead is going to be a good one. I’ll be away for the next three Mondays as I am heading over to the States for Thanksgiving, so we were wondering if Sour Cherry would make an appearance before I left, or if the girls would have to save one in the freezer for my return. And here it is, like a ‘bon voyage’ message from the Slurpee gods. Who must know that I’m heading to east coast USA, where they’re predicting even more storms to roll in this week.

Anyways, my dear old Dad and I went to their local Slurpee outlet to try it this evening. Our verdict: top notes of cherry, with a hint of sour-ness and a undertone of cola, all in the form of a cup of icy goodness that is just the thing on a hot Sydney day. To be fair, it was never going to live up to the hype that we had created around it, but as the kids say: whatevs. Our Slurpee Gang is all about trying new flavours and drinking out of brightly coloured straws, getting brain freezes and laughing like nutters as the sugar rush hits. Ah, this is the life!