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The Bubbles of Fabian Oefner

Designboom recently featured the work of Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner, who has explored the art of the bursting bubble in his project ‘iridient’. It’s easy to appreciate that these amazing images are extremely difficult to capture as the soapy air pockets are immortalized in two states: the moment immediately before and after rupturing; and the famous spectrum of colors. The result is an amazing collection of art – lively photos that are full of rainbows. And, as with clouds in the sky, I can definitely see other worlds – outer space and under the sea…and maybe the musical Hair…

These photos are from the designboom post here. And you can check out Fabian Oefner’s website here – including his incredible ‘Dancing Colors’ project, where Fabian has focussed on ‘making sound waves visible’, capturing stunning pics of coloured pigments as they leap from the surface of a vibrating speaker when music is played. Amazing.

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Help! My Lounge is Mutating!

I first saw these amazing pieces of furniturart (ok, so I just made that word up) on the fantastic My Modern Met website (and they had sourced them from the very cool peeps at Design Boom) under the heading Mutating Furniture Made of Bubbles. Yes please! You don’t get that at Ikea.

And I was not to be disappointed – like a Miss Teen USA contestant, these are at once beautiful and kinda creepy. I’m not sure how comfortable they would be, but as soon as you contemplate that thought, you know you’re not really worthy of the furniturart. Same goes for wondering how you’d keep them clean of dog fur and childrens’ handprints. Or how they’d look next to your teak coffee table. But we can still look, can’t we?

Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer’s Mutation Series will be presented this year during Milan Design Week. Each piece is unique, made from foam spheres covered in “a durable rubber or velvet-like finish”. According to My Modern Met, Maarten says “I want to use my work to tell stories, to stir people’s emotions, to tickle their imagination or to make them wonder.” The Willy Wonka of the furniture (furniturart) world, I guess.

And, like Mr Wonka before him, Maarten’s creativity knows no limits. Apparently he said, “Maybe one day we will be able to grow a piece of furniture like we breed or clone an animal, and manipulate it’s shape like a bonsai tree.” Yes, Maarten, maybe we will. I kinda like the idea of a naturally grown, fully furnished tree house. Add a glass elevator, chocolate river and an everlasting gobstopper and I’m sold!

More info in the My Modern Met post here.